Consultant - Hamburg

  • PhD in Immunobiology and Parasitology at the Humboldt Universität Berlin
  • Fellow of the International Max Planck Research School for Infectious Diseases and Immunology during PhD
  • 6 Postdoc years at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge (UK), working as a immunobiologist
  • Coordination of two equality and diversity projects at the Babraham Institute
  • Finalist of the UK’s 2012 “Biotechnology YES” young entrepreneurs competition in London
  • Joined the hfp consulting team in 2013
  • Member of the management team since 2018

“I recognised during my PhD that in contrast to the drive towards scientific excellence, well-structured and targeted education in personal and professional development was rare in most settings. This ignited my passion and drive to advance this process in the scientific community. Joining the hfp consulting team in 2013 has allowed me to help catalysing and implementing this cultural change.”


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