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hfp consulting provides professional development workshops exclusively for the scientific community. Our mission is to help scientists grow and succeed by working with them to develop leadership and management skills, by fostering personal development, as well as by strengthening interpersonal competencies and communication skills.


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The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things in our daily life. What remains constant, or even increased, is the need for training and professional development. To continue fulfilling our mission of supporting scientists in their personal


Training Programs

Planning and establishing an effective training programme for researchers comes with many challenges. Which courses to offer, where to start and how to keep participants engaged are just some of the tasks people struggle with

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We offer a wide range of training workshops exclusively for scientists. Participants of our workshops come from a whole host of career levels: PhD students, postdocs, technical staff, facility managers, young PIs, experienced group leaders,

hfp consulting: partner of HSR4R accredited organizations

To achieve excellence in research, focusing on the greatest asset of an organisation – the human resources – is key. We are supporting research institutions and funding bodies with the implementation of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HSR4R) charter and code of the European Commission. Our experience from long-standing collaborations with leading European research organisations can help you to catalyse the implementation and evolution of your action plan for the HSR4R award.
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HRS4R Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

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What our participants think

I feel very lucky to have been able to take part in this course and expect to see benefits in both my professional and personal life as a result.

I think this course is a must for everybody who will at some point in their career lead people.

Very useful and interactive course. I think that this course has changed my way of dealing with many things in life and this was very fruitful.

It offered me a toolbox for fulfilling the demands of my current and future career.