Interview with Sašo Kočevar at Naturejobs (podcast)

The December issue of the monthly Naturejobs podcast was dedicated to the impact of high quality mentoring in research. Sašo Kočevar, director of hfp consulting, was requested to give a brief survey of the basics of leadership in science in the first of the feature’s interviews.

Mentoring has long since been a major issue to Nature. In 2005, Nature launched its annual awards for outstanding scientific mentorship in order to highlight the essential, but nonetheless rarely rewarded impact of outstanding mentoring on young researchers. The awards give focus to a different country or region each year, with Spain being the candidate in 2017. To complement these efforts, a separate collection of mentoring resources was launched during the nomination phase for the 2017 awards. Mentoring is also an issue covered by the Naturejobs blog on a regular basis.

1. Rebecca Wild: Naturejobs podcast: Meaningful mentoring, Naturejobs Blog, 18.12.2017

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