Core Facility Course

core facility leadership and management course by gerbi-gmb & hfp consulting

Core facilities are to become the heart of research institutions; however, their managers are still not always recognised as the high-level experts that they are. Sometimes they feel overwhelmed by the unexpected complexity of the role. In collaboration with the GerBI-GMB, Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis, we have developed a course to help core facility managers deal with the demands of their multifaceted role.


  • the majority of our trainers are scientists and have been working with scientists for many years
  • this course will be conducted by 3 experienced hfp consultants specialised in this thematic area


  • acquire new technical and complementary skills and master challenging professional situations better
  • strengthen self-confidence and your standing as managers within the institution
  • be supported to better fulfil the multitude of professional roles as a core facility manager
  • strengthen the network within the community and foster cross-facilities collaboration

general information

  • this course is for Core Facility Managers
  • we tailor our course modules to the needs of the course participants
  • we work in a process oriented manner
  • the course is conducted in a interactive style
  • each module begins with an introduction by the trainers, followed by breakout activities in small groups

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