Building Resilience

Building Personal resilience and handling stress workshop

Science is a stressful job. There are no regular working hours, frustration is a constant companion, and often there is a sensation that regardless how much time and effort we put into our days, it is never enough. Dealing with these feelings and the associated stress is a necessary skill to positively thrive in academia. We have put together methods to help to become the best self.


  • the majority of our trainers are scientists and have been working with scientists for many years
  • For each course we provide two trainers to balance diversity and expertise


  • learn how to build and maintain personal resilience
  • acquire tools for effective self-management and assertive communication
  • revise your own work life balance and goals
  • identify external as well as internal stressors
  • empower to drive positive change to decrease stress levels and to enhance mental and physical well being
  • strengten the network within the community

general information

  • this course is for  postdocs or PhD students
  • we adjust our course modules to the needs of the course participants
  • we work in a process oriented manner
  • the course is conducted in a interactive style
  • each module begins with an introduction by the trainers, followed by breakout activities in small groups

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