consultant - Lisbon

Vanessa van Hest
  • From 2005 up until now, consulting and training public authorities, businesses and non-profit organisations in acquiring and managing funding, and in optimising their funding processes and results.
  • helped obtain over 35 million euros in funding from 17 different European, national, and regional funding programs, with topics ranging from scientific research, international training networks and innovation to infrastructure, care and welfare, transport, public safety, IT, biodiversity and creative industry.
  • Since 2014,  grant coordinator and project manager for the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials at the University of Groningen. She is also a coordinator of a public-private honours master program on high tech systems and materials.

Being part of hfp consulting is an exciting opportunity for me to help scientists improve their grant application skills. By transferring the knowledge and lessons I have learned, I hope to contribute to scientists feeling more adept and confident at getting and managing funding.

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