Trainer Team


Our workshops, retreats and coaching activities are conducted by teams of highly skilled and experienced consultants. The majority are scientists with years of research experience, some are still active as professors, group leaders, and postdocs. Our consultants are based all over the world.

Management Team

Founder and Managing Director

COO and Consultant – Milan 

CPO and Consultant – Hamburg

Consultant – Tel Aviv

Business Development Israel

Consultant – Boca Raton, FL / Business development USA/Canada/Australia

Trainer Team

Consultant – Copenhagen

Consultant – Tel Aviv

Consultant – London

Senior Consultant – Hamburg

Consultant – Cambridge, UK

Consultant – Vancouver

Consultant – Jerusalem

Consultant – Boston

Senior Consultant – Denbigh

Consultant – Bonn

Consultant – New Haven, CT

Senior Consultant – Karlsruhe

Consultant – Freiburg

Consultant – Tel Aviv

Consultant – New York, nY

Consultant – BOSTON

Science Writer & Communications Manager – Meerbusch

Consultant – New Haven, ct 

Consultant – Lisbon

Consultant – Groningen

Advisory Board

Professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science – Rehovot

Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Boston

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