Consultant & Training Manager - Barcelona

Romilde studied Biotechnology and Bioinformatics at the University of Milan and obtained her Ph.D. from the IFOM-IEO Campus in Milan, working on Systems Biology projects. She then moved to the UPF in Barcelona as an EMBO post-doctoral fellow where her research focused on Synthetic Biology.

Beyond her academic merits, Romilde has profound experience in team building and motivation due to her background as a professional volleyball player. In both science and sport, understanding social interactions, what drives human behaviors and unveiling the forces that keep a team together, have always been Romilde´s passions.

With more than ten years of experience, she realized that in the academic research there are challenges that go beyond pure science: learn how to deal with people, being able to make informed decisions about future careers, inspire and motivate a group. The strong focus on being an expert and excel as a scientist leaves little room for professional and personal development. Romilde decided to invest her career in teaching scientists these skills with the mission to change the culture in science by reinforcing values like listening, collaboration and ­emotional well-being.

Romilde joined the hfp team in 2013: ¨I am enthusiastic about being part of such a team, a unique opportunity to bring fresh air into science. Taking care of the human and emotional aspects of doing science fits perfectly with my mission¨.


There is a strong demand of change in science, but where to start? I believe that emphasizing the human and emotional aspects of science will help to make a difference at any level: from career choices and professional development of next generation of scientists, to building and leading a group, and finally to the point of a better understanding of science in our society.” Dr. Romilde Manzoni