Core Facility Managers need to be trained both in administrative and business concepts such as budgeting

core facilities

Interview with Janina Hanne, Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters and Elisa May, managing director, chair, and former chair/co-founder) of German BioImaging, the German Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis (GerBI-GMB e. V.) on core facilities and hfp consulting’s unique workshop for Core Facility Management What inspired the idea of a management course specifically for core facilities? Elisa: At […]

Leadership training for core facility managers

A more recent development in research institutes and science faculties bundles important analysis methods, such as microscopy, microarrays or proteomics in central facilities. The advantages are clear cut. Expensive technical equipment is located at one central spot and maintained by dedicated and knowledgable technical staff. The services of these facilities can then be offered to […]

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