Sašo Kočevar

Founder and Managing Director - specialising in leadership, team development, conflict management and negotiation

I have studied educational sciences, sociology, and philosophy at Heidelberg University.

I was always driven by the desire to understand the fundamental principles of science. I am deeply convinced that the human factor of the scientific process is an integral component of it. Knowledge, research integrity, creativity and innovation need a supportive and nurturing environment. Especially in research we need inclusive and supportive leadership that enables others to bring out their best and excel in science.

When I founded hfp consulting in 2003 as a forum for professional development in my hometown Heidelberg, I had no idea that only a few years later this would become internationally renowned specialist for leadership training in science and research.

I was very surprised how non-existent leadership training was in science at that time.

The success with our first clients such as the European Molecular Biology Organization, the Weizmann Institute of Science, the MIT, and the Harvard Medical School encouraged me to scale up and take more scientists as trainers on board to be able to fulfil the enormous demand worldwide. Since our foundation, more than 10.000 researchers have completed our workshops – from undergrad up to research director level.

What I enjoy most when I look at my work is that the principles we teach, are effective and result in more productive and more creative groups and continue to make a substantial impact on the culture of science.

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