Presentation Skills

Presenting yourself and your work in a memorable way - presentation skills course

It is not an exaggeration to say that an impressive presentation is as important as the soundness of the science being presented. However, sometimes it is hard to achieve the right balance of depth/lightness, adjust the delivery to the target group, and prepare the proper supporting graphics. We have developed this interactive course to assist to precisely achieving this goal, that of making a remarkable presentation.


  • the majority of our trainers are scientists and have been working with scientists for many years
  • for each course we provide two trainers to balance diversity and expertise


  • increase the awareness of skills and competences
  • develop an understanding of what drives the work
  • develop the ability to present yourself and your work in a structured and memorable way
  • improve presentation skills
  • gain confidence in interacting with the audience
  • strengthen the network within the community

general information

  • this course is for  postdocs or PhD students
  • we adjust our course modules to the needs of the course participants
  • we work in a process oriented manner
  • the course is conducted in a interactive style
  • each module begins with an introduction by the trainers, followed by breakout activities in small groups

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