RinatMy name is Rinat Shahaf Barzilay; I studied education sciences and Psychology at the Tel-Aviv University. My PhD is in curriculum planning, assessment and evaluation. My thesis dealt with school Professional Development in teacher’ and organizational levels.

I teach at the Open University of Israel at the department of Education and Psychology. I’m a course coordinator in M.A., B.A. and teaching certificate programs. I lead the assessment and evaluation team at Time to Know- a pioneer in the Ed-Tech industry.

I conduct a Playback Theatre group for University professors, as part of their professional development. The aim is to provide University staff with communication tools for better understanding themselves and others. I believe that via improvisation, creativity and sharing personal stories, professionals can improve emotional intelligence. They can develop a stronger sense of professional self-efficacy and wellbeing, participating in a caring environment and practicing social-skills.

I’m very excited to be part of hfp. I believe this company has the power to promote these sorts of values in the academic world.

I love Yoga, dancing, music and Playback theatre.