Jörg studied biology, specialising in host-pathogen interactions at the intestinal barrier. Scholarships from “The International Max Planck Research School for Infectious Diseases and Immunology” and from Novartis Animal Health allowed him to work in various international research environments. After receiving his doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.) from the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin in 2012 he spent six Postdoc years at the Babraham Instiute in Cambridge (UK), working as an immunobiologist.

In parallel to his work at the bench Jörg received extensive training on communication and presentation skills early during his career. He also extended his skillset by participating in the UK’s 2012 “Biotechnology YES” young entrepreneurs competition, where his team reached the London final.

Recognising that in contrast to pursuing scientific excellence, well-structured and targeted education in personal and professional development is still rare in many settings, he developed a strong interest in advancing this process in the scientific community. To do so, he joined the hfp team in 2013. After his postdoc, Jörg decided to fully pursue his career in the field of personal and professional development of scientists. Still at the Babraham Institute, he coordinated two equality and diversity projects and worked to improve the framework for postdocs, e.g. by establishing a mentoring programme.

Jörg is now based in Hamburg, working as a trainer for personal and professional development of scientists.

“I regard good leadership and effective communication as key values for long term scientific success. Working with the fantastic hfp team gives me the great opportunity to advance understanding and application of these skills in the scientific community.”