Our workshops, retreats and coaching activities are conducted by teams of highly skilled and experienced consultants. Almost all are scientists with years of research experience, some are still active as professors, group leaders and postdocs.

Our consultants are based all over Europe, in Israel, the United States and Canada.

Sašo Kočevar
Founder and Head of hfp consulting - Heidelberg
Thomas Frick
Senior Consultant - Hamburg
Sue Hewitt
Senior Consultant - Denbigh
Romain Barrès
Consultant - Copenhagen
Hanna Chakir
Consultant - Lausanne
Edeltraud Eller
Consultant - Wiesbaden
Franck Fourniol
Consultant - London
Dana Galili
Consultant - Cambridge UK
Hagar Goldberg
Consultant - Vancouver
Yuval Hart
Consultant - Boston
Julie Huang
Consultant - Boston
Thomas Kessler
Consultant - Bonn
Yuvalal Liron
Consultant - Tel Aviv
Tobias Maier
Consultant - Karlsruhe
Romilde Manzoni
Consultant & Training Manager - Barcelona
Monika Nicola
Business Administration - Heidelberg
Irene Nagel-Jachmann
Consultant - Freiburg
Lior Noy
Consultant - Tel Aviv
Margit Ritzka
Science Writer & Communications Manager - Meerbusch
Rinat Shahaf Barzilay
Consultant - Tel Aviv
Medya Mara Shikhagaie
Consultant - Amsterdam
Jörg Stange
Consultant - Hamburg
Vanessa van Hest
Consultant - Groningen