We offer a wide range of training workshops exclusively for scientists. Participants of our workshops come from all career levels: PhD students, postdocs, technical staff, facility managers, young PIs, experienced group leaders and faculty heads. We provide a tailored training programme for female scientists.

We adjust the scope and focus of our workshops to the requirements of our clients and to the needs and expectations of the course participants. Our courses are highly interactive. Short theoretical inputs are followed by extensive exercises, partner work and group discussion. We work with real cases of our participants, allowing them to immediately apply the concepts we teach.

All our courses are facilitated by a team of two experienced trainers.

Our course portfolio

  • Leadership and Management Skills Course (LMSC) for scientists of all career stages
  • Follow-up workshops
  • Professional Development for Young Scientists (ProDYS)
  • Career Development for Young Scientists (CaDYS)
  • Time and self-management workshops
  • Scientific writing workshops
  • Grant / Fellowship proposal writing workshops
  • Presentation Skills Training (PreSkiT)
  • Management Workshops for Core Facility Managers (includes modules on business, e.g. budgeting)
  • Female Leaders in Science (FLIS) addressing women and Young Female Leaders in Science (YFLIS)
  • Moderated retreats for research groups, departments, networks for up to 100 people
  • Moderated science meetings with large groups
  • Individual 1:1 coaching

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you organise a course and your institution and for more details on course content and information on pricing.