The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us into an unexpected, exceptional situation. From one day to the next, our projects are cancelled, we work from home, and we are unable to properly plan, be it our work- or even our personal lives.

We believe that firm and mindful (self-)leadership is key to a powerful response in facing these challenges. Leadership in such times requires a special focus on needs – the needs of both our team and ourself. How can we lead best in the current situation to provide an effective and constructive way forward?

Goals of the Curriculum

In this practical and interactive workshop, you will learn to:

  • Be a more confident and competent leader to guide your team in times of crisis
  • Choose the right leadership strategy
  • Develop awareness and competencies for appropriate and targeted action
  • Understand the importance of good self-care and apply effective self-care techniques


  • This workshop is designed to be taken as a whole and it consists of 3 sessions
  • To allow a good flow, participants will attend one session per week over a period of three weeks
  • Each session will have a duration of 3.5h including a break
  • A certificate will be issued once the course is completed
  • Target audience: PIs or Senior Leaders
Leading in Times of Crisis – ONLINE

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