Postdocs find themselves in a highly diverse and competitive research landscape. To successfully navigate their career paths, transferable skills in the areas of communication, (self)-organisation, and interpersonal relationships are essential. We believe that these skills can be acquired and, furthermore, developed. This curriculum will enable postdocs to productively deal with challenges related to the interpersonal aspects of doing science.

Goals of the Curriculum

  • Advance your communication, collaboration, and self-organisational skills
  • Understand how to reach career goals more efficiently and effectively
  • Learn and practice useful tools for your career in science and beyond


  • This curriculum offers a diverse set of modules which allow for a high degree of customisation based on the individual needs of participants
  • Participants can subscribe to a single module depending on their interests. Some modules have interdependency with other modules
  • Each module will have a duration of 3.5h including a break
  • A certificate will be issued if 4 out of 7 modules are completed
  • Target audience: Postdocs
hfp-consulting Leadership and Management Postdocs

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