The Grant Model CanvasAn Integrated Approach to Getting Your Research Funded

Obtaining funding is an essential building block of successful research and often a prerequisite for advancing in a career in academia, yet it is also highly competitive. While your track record and the quality of your research plan are important, other factors increasingly determine the success of your grant proposal. In this highly interactive course, you will be introduced to the Grant Model Canvas: a conceptional, integrated framework for applying for funding. In a step-by-step approach, you will build and strengthen your research plan in light of stakeholders and available resources. It will also help you consider non-scientific aspects of your research, such as impact, dissemination and budget. By applying the Grant Model Canvas, you will have a blueprint that will significantly increase your grant writing and chances of successfully obtaining funding for your planned research.

Goals of the Course

In this practical and interactive workshop you will:

  • Learn and apply a conceptual, integrated framework for applying for funding
  • Build and strengthen your research plan in light of stakeholders and available resources
  • Create a blueprint that will increase the fundability of your next grant proposal


  • This workshop is designed to be taken as a whole and it consists of 3 sessions
  • Each session will have a duration of 3.5h including a break
  • A certificate will be issued once the course is completed
  • Target audience: Senior PhD students-Postdocs or PIs

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