The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things in our daily life. What remains constant, or even increased, is the need for training and professional development. To continue fulfilling our mission of supporting scientists in their personal and professional development and meet the needs of our clients, we are now offering online courses.

Our goal is that the online courses will be as relevant and transformative as the face-to-face ones. We want to maintain the characteristics that make our workshops the successful and meaningful experience you are all familiar with or heard about.

To reach this goal, we designed online courses with a format that provides:

  • short and digestible chunks of our workshop modules
  • high quality standards of hfp consulting workshops through high level of interactivity
  • a trustful and open learning environment where we can work with real life cases of our participants
  • good balance between teaching, discussions and practical exercises in pairs or small groups
  • lively and engaging moderation by two hosts per session
  • flexible and scalable number of participants
  • certificate released at the end of the programme

Our online course portfolio consists of:  

More courses available soon. Stay tuned!

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