Consultant - Ithaca, NY

  • Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska, Bio. Sci. with a Specialization in Plant Pathology
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at the US  Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service
  • Research Professor at Cornell University, Department of Global Development in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    • Director for Science for the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative
    • Director Feed the Future Insect-Resistance Eggplant Partnership
    • Associate Director of Wheat- Disease Early Warning and Advisory System

I joined hfp consulting  in 2023 to support the next generation of scientific leaders in successfully undertaking the demands, challenges, and opportunities of leadership roles.

As a scientist, I am passionate about realizing the full potential of science to do the most good. As a trainer, I seek to empower scientists, especially early career scientists, and scientists from under-represented groups, by creating a safe environment to explore theories, develop skills, and apply techniques that support the different facets of leading a research program.

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