Supporting Leadership in Science

Shaping the culture of science by training scientists to be effective, inclusive, and authentic leaders

Career Development
Validated concepts, practical tools, interactive formats
Professional Development for Young Scientists
We tailor our workshops to meet your needs and expectations
Building Resilience
We believe in the human potential, in the power of change and the commitment to personal growth
Creativity and Collaboration
An international team of scientists working for scientists 
Read our blog on shaping the culture of science

Discover our team’s key tips and insights for supporting leadership in science.

Explore the Center For Core Facility Training (CCFT)

Skills training to respond to the demands of their multifaceted roles.

Our Team

The majority of our trainers are scientists that have been working with scientists for many years. For each course we provide two trainers to balance diversity and expertise

hfp team
Our Clients

More than 200 clients and partners, more than 180 courses for scientists per year

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