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Becoming a groups leader of a scientific lab comes with a lot of challenges. You need to acquire funds, set up all the necessary infrastructure, establish collaborations, hire the right people at the right time, create a productive work environment, comply with administrative obligations, keep space for creativity, deal with crises and continue publishing. Mind you, this list is still incomplete.

How to deal with those situations is part of our leadership courses, which we offer since 2005 in corporation with EMBO as part of their laboratory management course programme. EMBO encounters has now published the results of a recent survey they carried out among nearly 200 scientist, who were trained in laboratory management.

According to EMBO, these courses met or exceeded the expectations for 93% of the the participants. 94% think their performance has improved after the course and 95% would recommend the courses to colleagues. We feel humbled by this overwhelmingly positive feedback and by the continued support we receive from EMBO.

The full article is on page 7 of the first 2013 issue of EMBO encounters.

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