consultant - New Haven, connecticut

  • BA degree in English from Wake Forest University
  • studied Jazz guitar at the University of Oregon.
  • BS degree in physics from the University of Oregon
  • PhD in biophysics at the University of Chicago.
  • Yale University for the postdoctoral work
  • 2017 faculty of the Yale Department of Surgery, Section of Transplantation
  • Working in close collaboration with clinical colleagues,  developping therapeutic and diagnostic innovations to transform the clinical practice of solid organ transplantation.

As a multi-disciplinary and highly collaborative scientist, I have experienced first-hand that effective communication and leadership skills are an absolute necessity to produce science with lasting and meaningful impact. Unfortunately, in our current training system, these skills are rarely if ever taught to aspiring PI’s. After attending a hfp session myself, I was inspired by hfp’s innovative approach to helping junior faculty learn and incorporate these critical skills. As a result, I felt compelled to join the hfp cause as a trainer myself.

I am thrilled to be a member of the hfp team. I see this as an opportunity to master my craft as the leader of a research team, while also helping peers reach their full leadership potential.

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