Leading in the midst of a pandemic

leadership in crises

Do you see a crisis as a burden or an opportunity? Can you be a real leader when facing a critical situation? Strong leadership is not demonstrated simply by driving people towards a goal, but by showing the courage to lead. By being adaptable, by showing readiness for discussion with your co-workers, by taking time […]

A good leader knows s/he doesn’t have all the answers

Sašo Kočevar, Managing Director at hfp consulting and a Senior Consultant shares his views on leadership in science. Why is leadership needed in science?  Professional development (communication, conflict resolution, management skills) is a relatively new field. hfp consulting has been active since 2005, and since then the relevance of programs for PhD supervisors, PIs and […]

How to get fruitful feedback

hfp consulting

Feedback is an essential element of mentorship or, for the record, leadership. Without feedback, mentees, junior scientists, and staff alike will most likely get the advice or the instructions from you as their mentor and/or PI might think they need. But you will never know whether what they get will support them as good as […]

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