From structure to emotions: a pathway for memorable presentations

In the world of academia, researchers often find themselves in the presenter’s seat during events, conferences, and congresses. Surprisingly, though, very few are taught the principles of how to deliver a compelling talk, from preparation to presentation to dealing with blackouts and other fears. This lack of formal training is pervasive across all levels of […]

A holistic approach to leadership: lessons from the Vienna BioCenter

Science is a thrilling endeavour. But it can also be quite lonely. From their first steps as master students to reaching senior status, researchers face pressures that can create stressful environments and encourage individualistic behaviours. Then, when the time comes to become group leaders, most scientists find themselves responsible for other people and their careers. […]

Unconventional thinking: fostering creativity and collaboration in science

Coming up with creative ideas or solutions is essential for being a good scientist. But what is a creative idea, and how does a scientist come up with one? This topic is not usually considered within the scientific community, where it may seem that researchers are expected to think of disruptive questions and ideas without […]

A personal view – Dana Galili

Dana Galili

Dana Galili joined hfp as a trainee in 2018. She studied biology and psychology for a B.Sc and then neurobiology for an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. Currently, she works as a postdoctoral scientist in Cambridge, doing research on the neuronal basis of social behaviour in drosophila flies. Dana, you are currently a trainee trainer at […]

Interview with Sašo Kočevar at Naturejobs (podcast)

Saso Kocevar

The December issue of the monthly Naturejobs podcast was dedicated to the impact of high quality mentoring in research. Sašo Kočevar, director of hfp consulting, was requested to give a brief survey of the basics of leadership in science in the first of the feature’s interviews. Mentoring has long since been a major issue to […]

Gavin Lucas: how ThePaperMill was born

Gavin Lucas (on the right on the photo) participated in two hfp consulting leadership courses. He recently founded a manuscript review service together with Alex Gomez-Marín (left), another postdoc he met at one of the courses. Here is a short interview with Gavin. hfp: Gavin, you participated in two leadership courses from us, the course for […]

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