Nature careers feature: How to (better) lead a lab

Sue Hewitt

Being promoted to PI very often means that young scientists have to face challenges like lab and staff/student management, budgeting, and other administrative tasks for the very first time, or at least, for the very first time entirely on their own. On top of that, not only are they responsible for advancing their own career, […]

Interview with Sašo Kočevar at Naturejobs (podcast)

Saso Kocevar

The December issue of the monthly Naturejobs podcast was dedicated to the impact of high quality mentoring in research. Sašo Kočevar, director of hfp consulting, was requested to give a brief survey of the basics of leadership in science in the first of the feature’s interviews. Mentoring has long since been a major issue to […]

Skill or luck? Can an academic career be planned?

Over the past few years, quite a few blogs with a focus on careers of academics in the life science sector have sprung up. They are mostly written by junior faculty and postdocs and often share very personal stories on the author’s career trajectories, or they provide general advice, for example on grant writing and […]

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