Women in Malaria: empowering female leadership in science.

women in malaria

Interview with Elena Gómez-Díaz, Distinguished Researcher (ID) at the IPBLN-CSIC and one of the organisers of Women in Malaria (WiM) 2021, on how to improve the representation of women in science. What are the objectives of WiM?  Basically, WiM aims to: Promote inclusion. We want to combat the deeply set gender inequality and gender bias […]

I could apply CaDYS and ProDYS learnings since day one, both to my professional and private life

Julia Villarroel

Interview with Julia Villarroel, a former participant on both career development (CaDYS) and professional development (ProDYS) for young scientists’ courses. What made you choose hfp consulting’s workshops?  I’m a scientist and a bioinformatician by training and once I had finished my bachelor’s degree, I started dreaming of pursuing the academic track and having my own […]

Core facilities aim to make the best out of technology

core facilities

Interview with Janina Hanne, Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters and Elisa May, managing director, chair, and former chair/co-founder) of German BioImaging, the German Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis (GerBI-GMB e. V.) on Core Facilities  What are core facilities? Steffi: In short, they are a place where advanced instrumentation is located, and with expert personnel, namely core facility […]

Most scientists need guidance in figuring out their careers outside academia

Tobias Maier

Tobias Maier, scientist and Senior Consultant answers some questions on the career development course outside academia at hfp consulting. Why would scientists need to consider a career development course? When most scientists enter academia, they basically follow a well-trodden path: they had good marks at school, liked scientific topics, enjoyed university and ended up doing […]

There’s no limit to what scientists can do beyond academia

Tobias Maier

Tobias Maier, scientist and Senior Consultant at hfp consulting answers some questions on career development. What kind of careers can scientists consider beyond academia? Actually, there’s no limit to what jobs scientists can do.  Not only can they access jobs related to academia such as facility manager, lab manager, and project manager but they can […]

Key aspects for successful team collaboration in complex times

What makes diverse teams in collaborative projects successful? Recently, I had the privilege of participating in the annual meeting of the African Cassava Whitefly Project, and could directly ask its members to share what they consider key to a successful team collaboration. Outbreaks of the African cassava whitefly are responsible for serious crop losses resulting […]

Acknowledging the need to adapt is a basic leadership skill

Sašo Kočevar, Managing Director at hfp consulting and a Senior Consultant shares his views on leadership in science and adapting to times of crisis What are the defining characteristics of a good leader in science? Obviously, a prerequisite would be scientific excellence to be able to inspire others in the research topic common to the […]

A personal view – Dana Galili

Dana Galili

Dana Galili joined hfp as a trainee in 2018. She studied biology and psychology for a B.Sc and then neurobiology for an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. Currently, she works as a postdoctoral scientist in Cambridge, doing research on the neuronal basis of social behaviour in drosophila flies. Dana, you are currently a trainee trainer at […]

How to get fruitful feedback

hfp consulting

Feedback is an essential element of mentorship or, for the record, leadership. Without feedback, mentees, junior scientists, and staff alike will most likely get the advice or the instructions from you as their mentor and/or PI might think they need. But you will never know whether what they get will support them as good as […]

Better be kind…?

hfp consulting

Is there a shift in science culture, and do we even need one? Nature recently reported on the first “Kindness in Science” Workshop, which was held at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, in December 2017. The initiators, the Kindness in Science Committee, are striving for a New Zealand based, yet globally scaling approach towards […]

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