Career Development

Career development for young scientists

At the end of various stages in the scientific career, PhD students and Postdocs might find themselves at a loss about what to do next, having conflicting feelings about academic life and a lack of knowledge about “what lies beyond” that might become almost paralyzing. We have developed this interactive course to increase self-awareness and rationally choose the next steps towards a fulfilled career.


  • the majority of our trainers are scientists and have been working with scientists for many years
  • for each course we provide two trainers to balance diversity and expertise


  • develop the intellectual framework to make informed career choices
  • Increase the awareness of the skill set, interests and career goals
  • communicate interest and goals effectively and efficiently
  • be equipped with a strategy to answer interview questions
  • be empowered to present yourself and your work with impact
  • understand career development as a continuous and dynamic process
  • strengthen the network within your community

general information

  • this course is for postdocs and PhD students
  • we tailor our course modules to the needs and expectations of the participants
  • we work in a process oriented manner
  • the course is conducted in a interactive style
  • each module begins with an introduction by the trainers, followed by breakout activities in small groups

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