Yuvalal Liron

consultant and Israel business development - Tel Aviv

Yuvalal Liron

Personal growth works best with self-kindness”

  • Father of three
  • Graduate of the IDF “Talpiot” program, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science track
  • More than 30 years of experience as algorithm developer in academia and the hi-tech industry, expertise in image analysis, augmented reality, and depth cameras
  • Graduate of acting school at “The performing Arts Studio”, Tel-Aviv
  • Worked for two decades as a research scientist with the Molecular Cell Biology department at the Weizmann institute of Science
  • Member and cofounder of the theater lab at the Weizmann institute
  • 30 years of experience as a theater actor and acting teacher
  • Directed theater plays at The Haifa University, “The performing Arts Studio” (Tel-Aviv) and Alon Highschool for arts, including the award-winning play “iDoll” (Theatronetto festival 2012)
  • led a theater group for high-risk youth as a volunteer in a non-profitable organization.
  • Was a member of the Israeli-Palestinian theater group of “Combatants for Peace”
  • Working with hfp since 2014, as a trainer, coach, and Israel business development

I’m excited to be part of hfp consulting in the meaningful mission of supporting scientists and their growth. The challenges of creating innovative science are great, and scientists deserve access to knowledge about leadership and human skills that are practiced in other fields. I believe that most skills can be learned and improved. Witnessing people, at any stage of their career, learn and develop is very rewarding and inspiring.

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